Exquisite Creatures II: Insect Art 1,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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Mosaic: Limited Aesthetica Prism by Christopher Marley 

Beetles (Coleoptera), true bugs (Hemiptera), moths and butterflies (Lepidoptera), bees (Hymenoptera), damselflies (Odonata), flies (Diptera), and mantis (Mantodea)

As a young artist, Christopher Marley spent many years in tropical regions where his fascination with insect populations gradually prevailed over an initial phobia, leading to yet more arduous excursions to locales where the gaudiest butterflies and beetles dwell. Through his work with these enigmatic creatures, Marley aims to inspire new appreciation and, in turn, help slow habitat destruction. Environmentalists and entomologists agree that insect collecting can aid preservation by offering an economic incentive to preserve the environments in which they thrive. Marley’s elegant presentation highlights both the striking symmetry and the uniqueness of each creature. His subjects are rarely understated, and their colors are true to life.

Puzzle size: 25 x 25 in.

Box size: 10 x 13 x 1⅞ in.

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