Information for Authors

Here at WordsWorth Books, we support the literary landscape of Central Arkansas by stocking local authors. Below you’ll find some information about how our inventory process works, as well as why we do things the way we do. We’ve also included some tips and advice for you based on our experiences over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions About Inventory Consideration Requests

What kinds of books are eligible to be carried at WordsWorth Books?

We are especially interested in books by Little Rock/Central Arkansas authors, or books on Little Rock/Arkansas history, travel, and interest. However, we will consider books on any subject, fiction or non-fiction, from local authors that have been published in the past year.

What are the basic requirements a book must meet in order to be carried at WordsWorth Books?

To be eligible for consideration, your book must be bound, with a clear and legible title and author information on the cover AND the spine. No books with stapled or spiral binding will be able to be considered. All cover images must be of good quality. Images and text cannot be pixelated and all text must be legible. Your book must also have a valid ISBN and barcode. 

Availability requirements: 

Your book must be available from Ingram with a minimum discount of 25% and free freight; all books must be fully returnable. As an independent bookstore, we are not able to carry books that are only available on Amazon. Due to the sales margins, it is usually more profitable for you to sell these directly to customers.

If your book Is nonreturnable, we are happy to get it for any customers interested in ordering it. Books available from Ingram are automatically added to our website where customers can find them easily.

How can a book be submitted for consideration to be carried at WordsWorth Books?

The process begins by filling out our inventory request form, which is available online right here or at the link below. We do not have a paper form. We may receive multiple requests per week, and submitting the form enables us to carefully consider each request and give it the time it deserves. We are not able to accommodate requests for meetings in-person or over the phone to discuss requests. Please do not drop off or mail copies of your book to WordsWorth Books for consideration. We cannot accept inventory requests via any channel except this form. Books mailed to or dropped off at WordsWorth Books become the property of WordsWorth Books and will not be returned.

How quickly will we consider and respond to requests to carry a title at WordsWorth Books?

We have limited staff and do not have a dedicated inventory team. Our owners/managers review each request we receive. You should expect to receive a response in about 2 weeks. Our response may be delayed during the holiday shopping season, from mid-November until early January. The decisions made are final.

Tips from the Inventory Team

Although WordsWorth Books provides shelf space for our local literary community, the best way for readers to find your book is through your own promotional efforts. Here are some suggestions for how you can promote the opportunity for your friends, family, and others to purchase your book at WordsWorth Books.

  • Consider every element of your book, especially if you are self-publishing. Readers really do judge books by their covers, but they also judge it by what’s inside, how it’s bound, and what it costs. Make sure your book has been proofread, has attractive cover art that communicates what the book is about to customers who pick it up, and is priced at or below the cost of other books of its size, format, subject, and genre.
  • Tell people who know you to buy your book at WordsWorth Books. Social and local media can be effective ways to get the word out, but we’ve found that word-of-mouth and email promotions often work just as well or better. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Think about the communities you’re a member of and let them know about your book. Alumni organizations? PTAs? Church? Rotary? Rec league kickball? It can feel uncomfortable to put yourself out there, but every person you tell about your book could be another sale.
  • Cast a wide net. Contact local media and mailing lists to let them know that your book is available at WordsWorth Books. Consider creating press releases or promotional materials such as bookmarks, buttons, postcards, or stickers. Make sure to let local book clubs, libraries, schools, and colleges/universities know about your book.
  • Be considerate of our store. If you have a website or social media presence, don’t let Amazon be the only link available. WordsWorth Books often shares posts we’re tagged in, but we cannot share anything that mentions or links to Amazon or any other bookseller.
  • Be considerate of our staff. The store manager will decide where your book will be shelved and displayed. Please address any questions or concerns about your book to a store manager and not to individual booksellers.