Check Your Privilege: Lean into the discomfort (Paperback)

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Leaning into discomfort is an essential part of the anti-racism journey. Unfortunately, in a society that values comfort at all costs, people have been conditioned to reach for coping mechanisms deemed "cures," instead of embracing discomfort as an invitation into growth and change.

Heart-centered anti-racism work seeks to dismantle barriers to growth and change and follows the principle that discomfort can be a powerful teacher and guide. When we learn to lean in and listen to our discomfort, we can begin to move away from performance-based ally-ship into more heart-centered co-conspirator-ship, dismantling white supremacy.

Co-conspirators must de-center themselves using empathy and compassion as a guide to lean into the discomfort of difference, lean into the tension of non closure, expect and accept nonclosure. This work is never done because our lived experiences are complicated and ever-changing. As we strive to build community, we must engage with curiosity, consciously making space for the unique experiences of others, consciously being aware of our own needs and intentions, consciously staying engaged, even when it's hard, in a commitment to our common humanity.

Check Your Privilege invites us all to pause, reflect, and connect with one another through our common humanity. In this book, seven social activists share their stories and insights into life on the other side of learning to Lean Into Discomfort. Learning from their journeys and the healing they found on the other side of discomfort empowers us all to brave the next step on our Check Your Privilege journey.

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ISBN: 9781735234328
ISBN-10: 173523432X
Publisher: Dirt Path Publishing
Publication Date: November 1st, 2020
Pages: 108
Language: English