Trump: A Lesson for America (Paperback)

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With a President that has no distinction between truth and lies, no respect for the authority of others in the administration, including the co-equal branches of congress and directors of essential offices like the FBI and Department of Justice, and with even-more-so, now-essential, departments having been closed down by Trump, himself, we face exactly that threat those departments were meant to diminish, if not prevent. Covid19, the newest and meanest Coronavirus yet (far worse than the common cold) is killing people at an unprecedented rate, and the United States President is trying to play-down the urgency of the situation, even though it is world-wide and well-known to be extremely aggressive and deadlier than any we know. How can we trust a leader, who constantly lies about everything, to tell us the truth about anything? How can we even consider re-electing this leader again? The stakes have never been higher; we need to put morals above riches once and for all - and this latest crisis just may help us do that... Trump's claim of the best economy ever is now in jeopardy, due to natural forces (the hand of God?). Take this time to consider your next move carefully. Vote in the upcoming election. Get involved in making a change for the better - for the future of our children, and our grandchildren; from climate change to world relationships. Have we learned from this lesson, America?

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ISBN: 9781732411401
ISBN-10: 1732411409
Publisher: Middle-Ground Ministries
Publication Date: March 16th, 2020
Pages: 44
Language: English